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Time to ditch Excel.

Translate your Shopify store in a blink, without the risk of destroying it like a Shopify app would or the hassle of working with a nerve-racking spreadsheet editor.
(forget about those import errors too)
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The ShopiCSV editor

Here's how it works

Just upload your CSV file and you're good to go!
ShopiCSV's file editor, made with Shopify UI library: Polaris
Easily upload, download, manage and even restore previous versions of your files, by making use of your dedicated cloud storage, directly inside the application.
Closeup on the filtering tools and text fields
Filter and navigate easily through your file without getting lost or frustrated, thanks to unique tools and a customizable interface.
Spreadsheet editor vs ShopiCSV
On the right: a strandard spreadsheet app, making it hard to read HTML code - on the left: ShopiCSV's specialized editor, with a 'replace and filter' tool opened and text coloring
Translate your emails without banging your head on the table! Edit code in a proper editor with integrated search & replace, line numbers, undo/redo and text coloring.

Great! But what's next?

We are constantly working to improve ShopiCSV. Here are some of the features to come:
A product CSV editor
Visual editors for code templates (email, sms, ...)
A fully automated translation

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Forged in fire

ShopiCSV was born out of necessity, seeing how time consuming and inneficient it was to edit CSV files in a standard spreadsheet editor and how integrated apps would mess up our websites, we tasked ourselves with the mission to come up with a tool that would be easy to use, customizable, with no chance to destroy the shop and restful for the eyes.

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Enjoy direct help from accessible developers

We know that what makes a great tool is the ability for the developers to tweak and improve it based on the requests and feedback of the userbase. By being part of the ShopiCSV community, you will be able to talk directly to the developers in order to seek help or request new features.

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